The Maintenance of Concrete Pump
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The Maintenance of Concrete Pump

Day to Day maintenance of the concrete pump ,that in routine maintenance,.The work includes inspection, cleaning, lubricating, tightening, adjusting, leak detection, add hydraulic oil,and so on.

1. hydraulic components check
Due to the complexity of the equipment, we recommend that experts with practical experience in the hydraulic system of check processing.
If you find fault, before carrying out any operation, check the cause and repair the entire loop.
—If you discover the oil has leaked, you should exclude leaked reasons.
—Check the safety valve, hydraulic system steel pipe and hose, soft connection, oil cylinder, find any wear and crack.(The bursting of the tube may lead to very serious consequences).
—Check from the valve to the oil cylinder entrance line, ensure that no outside diarrhea or deformation due to impact and abrasion caused, ensure that the connector is complete and fully tightened.
—replace any damaged pipe immediately.
—Non-change the original set, all of the adjustment and calibration only by professional personnel to complete.
—Non fucks hydraulic components, Otherwise the manufacturer to the product guarantee and liability shall not be responsible for.

△ Warning
—Since the hydraulic oil can reach high temperatures, and has the risk of scald, so,appropriate protective measures should be taken before the open pipe fittings.
—Any replacement parts must conform to the level specified by the manufacturer.

2. lubrication checks
Electric grease pump lubricant should ensure adequate and clean at any time, lubrication piping joints shall not has the spill phenomenon. Check lubrication of the operation site at any time, found that there is a lack of oil site, stop the machine immediately and check to prevent accidents.
—Check the effectiveness of centralized lubrication system everyday.
—Lubrication system distributor to be observed at any time during operation, if you find that the indicator rod pop-up, then should be ready to deal with, and check shown lubricating pipe is blocked or not.
—After the grease pump is empty, add oil often due to the cause of the bubble is not easy to pump out. In this case, open the discharge of the pump the gas plug, the operation oil pump until the grease outflow.
Centralized lubrication system no coverage of lubrication point,( Such as the swing arm small oil cylinder four pin shaft and joint bearing, etc), use manual fatliquoring gun lubrication, lubrication cycle for 1 to 2 days.
—Check the oil and grease level.
—Mechanical structure with grease to prevent surface exposed.The long-term placement of equipment to fully lubricate all parts.

△ Warning
Before lubrication, clean lubricants mouth to prevent foreign impurities intrusion damage to the shaft and sleeve. Lubrication part was completely filling the new fat can get good lubrication.
Concrete piston lubrication can ask in the water tank by adding an appropriate amount of oil or hydraulic oil.

The equipment operating for a period of time, should be carried out for all of the connection site after the secondary fastening. Often need to check the the fastening bolt connection site:
—Concrete cylinder, rod bolts and nuts—Cylinder connector connected to the rack bolts
—S valve discharge joint bolt
—Lord oil cylinder connecting bolts at both ends
—the oil pump oil suction and discharge port and line connection bolt
—valve housing and hopper fixed bolt
—mixing blade fixing bolt
—valve box fixed bolt
—the oil pump and pump base, pump seat and floor, electrical motors and support the retaining bolt
—pipeline card hoop bolt

4. Adjust
It means that maintenance adjustment does not include performance moderator.
When concrete pump work after a period of time, S tube, glasses plate, wear-resisting bad all would because of wear and produce a certain degree of clearance, if the clearance is too large, it will affect the normal pumping. Therefore, we should adjust and change, wear can clearance from cleaning clean hopper in measurement.
When the gap is greater than 0.7mm, to adjust the S behind the tube axis of the nut, the S tube wear ring with the glasses between the plate gap adjustment in the 0.1-0.2mm is appropriate, if cut through between the wear ring and the glasses, platestight, and the S tube will not be able to swing into place.
After multiple gap adjustment, if you can not be adjusted, and the gap more than 1mm (or any of a groove than 1.5mm), should be considered to replace or repair the spectacle plate and wear ring.

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