concrete pump plugging causes and preventive measures
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concrete pump plugging causes and preventive measures
Causes and preventive measures: (Q&A)
Q:using slag Portland cement, large water secretion, concrete segregation
A:(1).mix with fly ash or increase cement amount, to reduce the water cement ratio
(2).improve sand ratio
(3).Add air entraining / low water reducing agent
Q:the amount of cement is too small
A:increase the amount of cement
2.aggregate particle
Q:coarse aggregate particle size is more than 1/3 of the pipe diameter.
A:maximum particle size is less than 1/3 of delivery pipe
Q:sand rate is too low
A:increase the percentage of sand
Q:sand, stone grading is bad
A:adjustment ratio of sandstone
Q:concrete supply disruptions
A:(1).Prepare for material supply plan according to pouring area
(2).the operator to observe the hopper deposit material, non-pump empty
Q:pipe joints leaking cement slurry
A:(1).the water pressure test after installation 
(2).sufficient spare parts for replacement
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