Classification of concrete pump
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Classification of concrete pump

    The concrete by pressure along the pipeline continuous conveyor machinery. By the pump and delivery tube. Form of the structure is divided into piston, squeeze-type, hydraulic diaphragm. Pump installed in the vehicle chassis, and then equipped with retractable or inflection of the placing boom to form pump.

    Piston type concrete pump with hydraulic drive and mechanical drive type. Hydraulic concrete pump from the hopper, hydraulic cylinder and piston, concrete cylinder, distributing valve, Y-shaped tube, washing equipment, hydraulic systems and power system components. Hydraulic system pressure to push the piston back and forth through the campaign. When the suction piston backward, forward and backward through the Y-shaped tube when the concrete cylinder pressed into the concrete in the pipeline. After pumping concrete, cleaning with high pressure water or compressed air pump and pipes. Concrete pump piston displacement, depending on the number and diameter concrete cylinder, piston velocity and concrete cylinder reciprocating suction volumetric efficiency and so on.

    Extruded concrete pump with the rotor double roller type, straight-tube three-wheel type and belt-slot type three. Rotor double roller type concrete pump, from the hopper, pump, squeeze tube, vacuum system and power system components. Pump seal, pump body with two planetary wheel rotor rack, pump wall lined with rubber pad, pad the inside with compression hose. Planetary wheel rotary power device driver, rolling compression hose, squeeze the tube of concrete pipes discharge. Vacuum system to pump the body to maintain a certain vacuum, squeeze tube make restitution immediately after rolling, and to speed up the suction hopper of the concrete extruding gel. Extruded concrete pump displacement, depending on the radius of gyration of the rotor and the rotation speed, squeeze the hose diameter and concrete suction volumetric efficiency.

    Diaphragm pump hydraulic concrete from the hopper, pump body, diaphragm, control valves, pumps and water tanks and other components. Diaphragm in the pump body, when the pump below the diaphragm control valve withdraw water from the water tank, the diaphragm subsidence, concrete hopper into the pump check valve opening pressure; when the water pump in the tank by the pump control valve withdraw , the pressure of water so that the diaphragm rises, closing one-way valve, the discharge of concrete onto the pipes.

    Concrete pump, high productivity, can be a complete horizontal and vertical transportation of concrete, but concrete mix, the thickness of aggregate size and gradation, cement content, concrete slump has certain requirements in order to ensure good pumping performance.

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